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Rice is the principal plant cultivated on earth and it places among the five fundamental alimentary kinds. In Italy the cultivation of the rice began to spread in the zones of the Milan and Vercelli between the end of the XIV and the beginning of the XV Century and today all over the world appreciates the Italian rice. It is a good source of energy, protein, vitamins and mineral salts, it is a versatile food and it is lent to interpret various recipes such as risotti, soups and sweets. Every Italian region has its typical “risotto” that after sometime they have become more refined and dainty. Casale Paradiso has selected some of these recipes and preserved the tastes and the simplicity of them. The objective is that we want to wake up again the true essence of the Italian cuisine that is made of natural and genuine ingredients. For its “risotti” Casale Paradiso uses only Carnaroli rice of first quality produced in Italy and enriches it with vegetables and dried aromatic herbs. We ensure what we put into our products are of the finest quality, if we dont produce the ingredients here on our grounds, we search and make sure where we source from are of the same high standard quality. Please request a catalogue to see our full list of products.