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Polenta was first commonly used in the North of Italy, but now is known throughout Italy and other parts of the world. In Italy it has been successful over many generations and known as the peasant food, as it is cheap and easy to prepare, yet filling and wholesome. This dish was popular with workers who worked on the land as it provided them with energy they required. It is a very versatile type of food and can be prepared in many ways. It can be served as a main dish with various sauces and condiments and as a side dish. When left to cool it sets and can be sliced and fried as an alternative. Families have their own traditions in preparing polenta and it has developed over the years and is still regarded as a popular dish. Casale Paradiso produces both original and white polenta with various fillings. Shown is only a few of what we have to offer, to see a full list of products please request for a catalogue.