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To say “ Pasta” is like to say “Italy”, it can be defined as the Queen of the Mediterranean diet. To appreciate it at its best it needs to follow two simple rules: to choose only the best quality and to season it with light sauces. Unfortunately allergy or intolerance to the gluten increases more and more for genetic and environmental reasons, now Casale Paradiso has discovered again ancient Italian recipes of country tradition readapting them to the demands of the lives of all. The result of this careful and interesting job is the seasoned pasta of Casale Paradiso is "Gluten Free". Made of flour of maize, buckwheat, rice and quinoa and seasoned with dried vegetables and aromatic herbs. Nothing preservative or additive; only the taste and the perfume that mother nature offers us. All it takes is boiling some water with some extra virgin olive oil and within a few minutes you can taste an excellent healthy dish of pasta. Our pasta dishes are full of flavour and perfectly seasoned. We offer a selection of different types to suit everybody's taste. We offer these in two sized packets in 250gr 2/3 servings and 100gr for one person.