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Aromi & Salts
Among the elements that countersign the Mediterranean diet, there is the use of the vegetables and spices to give taste without exceeding with salt and fat seasonings. Casale Paradiso has carefully selected a series of prepared mixes essentially for pasta but also to season rice, meat and fish. All the mixes are without preservative and without glutamate. Only naturally dried vegetables and aromatic herbs. Seasoning quickly, but in savoury and healthy way, it's easy. These are just a selection of products that we offer, please request for a catalogue to see our full list of products.
Casale Paradiso offers a wide range of salts in jar, bag and grinder forms. We have different types of salts from all over the world to give extra added flavour to everyday cooking. The salts we have range from fine table salt to crystalized salt mixed with unique flavours, herbs and spices. They enhance the flavours of many dishes without over powering them. With specialist printing facilities on our premises, we can create labels suitable for businesses wanting their own private labels and adapting to different languages, so it suits to everyones requirements. To see a full list of our products, request for a catalogue via contact us.